SAMA In Your Community

Manufacturers Need to be Involved

We all know that goverance and statecraft are subject to the political process. Resistance to change is human nature. Change does not occur in a vacumn. Regardless of the obvious merit of proposed policy, without a champion advocating on behalf of change, nothing will happen. Involvement is the price we pay for representative government.

We encourage everyone to be part of the process. Get to know your elected representatives. More importantly… get them to know you. Make your position on pending legislation or policy a matter of record.

Personalize your statement by providing details of your business; how many people you employ, how long in Florida, etc. Clearly state how you will be effected by the issue in question. Send letters on company letterhead, follow-up with a phone call.

Invite your representative to visit your facility and meet your employees. This provides an opportunity for in depth dialogue and promotes increased understanding.

Don’t just complain about the situation. Leaders have a tough job trying to please all of their constituents. Let them know when they get it right.

Propose solutions. Offer concrete alternatives that leaders can implement.

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