ToolingU – SME

Training your Workforce

We all know acquiring good workforce talent is difficult.  And typically when we find someone, we throw him/her right into the production-line fire.

Onboard training is extremely important for many reasons: better equipped to tackle the task at hand, the employee feels valued since you are investing in him/her, and statistics show that investment will decrease your turnover ratio.

SAMA offers ToolingU SME, a great online training solution directed at the manufacturing industry.  Avoid traveling costs and time away from the shop.  Over 500 courses available, all validated by industry experts, including a broad variety of manufacturing-specific topics.

Quotes from customers:

“The reason we chose this training is the on-demand program. When we have unplanned downtime, we can take the entire team to the training center and use that time for training.”

“This training gives us the flexibility, the scalability, the relevance and the content we need. And the results have been amazing. We’ve improved performance across the board.”

For more information, please contact SAMA’s Business Advisor, Dave Ferguson.
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Course examples: