The Benefits of Advanced Planning & Scheduling

From April 15, 2021.  Webinar was recorded and can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. 
(You will need to register to see the recording.  Webinar begins at 3:20 into the recording.)


Is your production planning and scheduling helping or hurting your operational goals and metrics?

Are you missing opportunities to improve by settling for scheduling tools that fall short – magnetic boards, spreadsheets or embedded ERP scheduling tools?

Does your current system account for:

  • Multiple constraints (labor, tooling, materials)?
  • True finite capacity?
  • Algorithms focused on efficiency?
  • Improving your on-time delivery?
  • Visibility across your entire production workload?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, watch this event and learn how using an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) can make these and other improvements a routine part of your operations.  This event was hosted by  SAMA and presented by Chris Brewer and Hans Albright of ATS Lean Scheduling International.

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