Sponsorship Opportunities

Business Partner Members, sponsorship opportunities:

Throughout the year SAMA offers great events to its’ members.  And while we typically charge a small fee to attend these events, the cost can sometimes exceed the expected revenue.  In addition, we would like to offer our Business Partner Members an opportunity to share their company offerings to the Manufacturing Members.  For this, SAMA is offering sponsorship opportunities.  The sponsorship amount will vary from event to event, depending upon expected costs, attendance, event type, etc.


SAMA is looking for one bronze-member sponsor for our July 21 Networking event to be held at Motorworks Brewery in Bradenton, from 5:00 to 7:30pm.  The cost to sponsor this event is $450.00, and will be primarily used to offset food and beverage costs.  The event is indoors, and you’ll be provided a table to display your company’s offerings (brochures, small samples, etc.).  In addition, you’ll be given up to 5 minutes to give verbal explanation (connection to a TV for a visual presentation may be possible).  Your company’s logo and hotlink to your website will be included in all e-blasts and on SAMA’s webpage promoting the event.  Includes registration for two company attendees.

This is a first come, first serve offering.  If there is not a form to complete below, that means the sponsorship has been filled.  Registration and PayPal/Credit Card payment is required to obtain the sponsorship.

E-blasts will be sent as new sponsorship opportunities arise.  Please note that there may be a gold- or silver-member sponsor also in attendance, as their membership includes sponsorships throughout the year.

Event Sponsorship

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