Sandler Virtual Meeting – Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

What kind of a leader am I?
What kind of a leader do I want to be?
What am I learning?
Where am I growing?
What is my Leadership Mission?

Leadership for Organizational Excellence

Successful managers must be able to effectively…
·    Support corporate initiatives through the accomplishment of department goals.
·    Channel their people’s efforts in the appropriate direction in order to accomplish those goals.
·    Acquire specialized knowledge and skills relevant to managing people and helping them accomplish predictable results.
Effective leaders must build on those managerial skills, plus…
·    Have an instinctual understanding about human nature, and why people act the way that they do.
·    Be able to observe their people’s behavior and analyze and respond to it in an objective, supportive, and constructive manner.
·    Encourage, enable and recognize their people for their performance.

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