QTI and Florida Job Creation

Manufacturers - We need your support

It is very important for manufacturers of Manatee and Sarasota counties to contact their district Legislators, stating you support the Qualified Targeted Industry Tax Refund Bills, SB 982 filed by Senator Gruters and HB 6071 filed by Representative LaMarca.  Below are talking points you can use as you email, text, or call your Legislators.

SB 982 filed by Senator Gruters to repeal the expiration date of QTI has been referred to the following Senate committees:

  • Commerce & Tourism
  • Finance & Tax
  • Appropriations

Related HB 6071 filed by Representative LaMarca has been referred to the following House committees:

  • Tourism, Infrastructure & Energy Subcommittee
  • Ways & Means Committee
  • Commerce Committee

Here are some talking points as you reach out to your Legislators: 

  • Thank you for your leadership and efforts to keep Florida competitive.
  • I am writing/calling to ask you to please support HB 6071 (or SB 982), which will reinstate the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund program administered by DEO.
  • This incentive has helped Florida secure hundreds of high paying jobs and diversify our state’s economy.
  • Without it, we are at a significant competitive disadvantage.
  • QTI is a revenue generator for Florida. The return on the state’s investment in this incentive is 4 to 1, according to the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research.
  • It is a performance-based incentive, so no refunds are distributed until jobs are created at wages greater than 115% of the average wage for the state, MSA or county under consideration.
  • Here are some of the projects since 2017 that did not choose Florida:
    • Centene – to Charlotte, NC
    • Honeywell – to Charlotte, NC
    • Aircraft Solutions USA – to Kinston, NC
    • Pamlico Air – to Wilson, NC
    • LabCorp – to Durham, NC
    • Alliance-Bernstein – to Nashville, TN
    • Charles Schwab – to Westlake, TX
    • McKesson – to Irving, TX
    • Papa Johns – to Atlanta, GA
    • HP – to Houston, TX
    • Oracle – to Austin, TX
    • Glatfelter – to Charlotte, NC
    • Phreesia – to Raleigh, NC
    • Bridge Connector – to Nashville, TN
    • WeCounsel – to Nashville, TN
    • ASGN, Inc. – to Richmond, VA
    • Energix Energies – to Arlington, VA
    • Spirit Airlines – to Williamson County, TN
    • Sunshine and quality of life are available in many southern states and other countries. Class A office space rates are higher in Florida than some of our competition. QTI helps to offset these and other competitive disadvantages, which are project and location specific.