Member Value Proposition

SAMA – the number one resource for manufacturers in Sarasota and Manatee Counties for 48 years, helping members through:

  • Advocacy
    • Representing manufacturers on the state and local legislative issues that impact our businesses and bottom lines, including:
      • The repeal of the Tangible Personal Property Tax
      • The elimination of the Florida Use Tax
    • Building a collective understanding of manufacturing and its role in the community.
      • Provide resources, including data, events and media outreach to amplify our voice.
      • Focus on the differentiators, i.e. higher average wage than most leading industries, including tourism and retail.
  • Workforce Development
    • Working closely with Manatee Technical College and Sarasota Technical College to create training programs that will prepare graduates for careers in manufacturing.
    • Participating in educational round table discussions.
  • Networking
    • Discussing “Best Practices” with other manufacturers.
    • Offering educational events with expert-driven content.
    • Organizing plant tours of local manufacturers.
  • Business Advising
    • Delivering free FloridaMakes business evaluations.
    • Providing discounted rates on FloridaMakes third-party services.
    • Creating customized training tools.