Manufacturing Disaster Assessment Program

3 Minutes May Save Your Company

Hurricane Irma, the 5th strongest recorded Atlantic hurricane, affected individuals and businesses in all of Florida’s 67 counties, with loss estimates of over $30 billion. More recently, it was Hurricanes Michael and Florence that devastated the Southeastern US.

Are You Ready?

Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, power outage, fire, or issues with transportation, customers or suppliers, are you prepared?  Any number of crises might occur that could substantially set back your profitability or even cripple your company.

How can FloridaMakes help?

FloridaMakes has developed custom tools to help manufacturers navigate and mitigate the impacts of future crises.  FloridaMakes provides free disaster impact, readiness, and business continuity assessments.

Direct Benefits for Your Company

  • Free gap analysis report outlining the company’s disaster readiness and areas affecting business continuity.
  • A business continuity plan to mitigate risks and continue operating, profitably, during a crisis.
  • Sharing of best practices to help strengthen the company.
  • Utilization of market data, in aggregate, to advocate for resources for a more resilient manufacturing ecosystem.

These tools are free for all manufacturers


Each survey takes about 3 minutes. You can take both to first see how you fared during Irma or other storm (Disaster Impacted), and then see a quick overview of how the business might do in a future crisis (Disaster Readiness).  Following each survey, you will get a customized report with feedback and options for next steps.

Was your company impacted by a hurricane?

How ready are you for a future emergency?

Want to do a deep dive risk assessment?

Complete an in-depth Business Continuity Assessment at your site with an advisor who is knowledgeable and experienced in manufacturing. Receive a free, detailed gap analysis and recommendations report on the spot.

Assess your company’s disaster readiness. Develop a business continuity plan to stay in business and generate revenues during a crisis.