The Hidden Solution to the Labor Shortage

The labor shortage is not going away anytime soon.  Time to think differently.

There are nearly 500,000 unfilled jobs in Florida and that number is expected to rise by 2030.  Employers are just beginning to recognize the value of hiring from non-traditional sources of talent, which includes nearly 1.3 million workforce-aged Floridians with disabilities.  In Southwest Florida, there are more than 50,000 job seekers with disabilities who could help with your workforce needs.  It is important for employers to understand how to tap into this underutilized talent pool.

What we learned…

    • The benefits of creating an inclusive workforce.
    • The value of hiring and retaining workers with disabilities.
    • The common concerns to hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.
    • What are Reasonable Accommodations?
    • CareerSource’s Ticket to Work program.
    • How your local CareerSource will help you onboard new employees.
    • Are there grants available to help pay for new hires?

For more information, please contact The Able Trust, CareerSource Suncoast, or SAMA.

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