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  • Economic Nexus Changes the Sales Tax Landscape for Manufacturers
    Historically, manufacturers have been concerned primarily with the sales and use tax rules in their home states and how the rules impacted their purchases, and to a lesser extent, their sales. That all changed on June 21, 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court rendered its decision in Wayfair v. South Dakota. The ruling allowed states […]
  • Three Reasons Cost Accounting is Important for Manufacturers
    Do you understand the intricate costing of each product you manufacture? Manufacturers know that accurate accounting records help them make good business decisions, but oftentimes, they consider their business as a whole, rather than a sum of the parts resulting from each product (or product line) produced. Evaluating profitability at this level can be enlightening; […]
  • Webinar: Business Intelligence Solutions: Using Data Analytics to Improve Operations
    Highlights from the July 20, 2022, webinar hosted by Corey Shaner, HBK Director of Business Intelligence, and Amy Reynallt, MBA, Senior Manager, HBK Manufacturing Solutions. Business Intelligence is a new service offering at HBK designed to help businesses understand the value of leveraging data to drive decision-making and improve performance. Recognizing the value of connecting […]
  • Ohio TechCred Opens Fifteenth Round on July 1
    Many manufacturers continue to struggle with labor market woes, especially in finding and retaining skilled employees. Some manufacturers may find that upskilling current employees may provide these businesses an option to advance current employees while filling critical business needs. Ohio manufacturers seeking support in upskilling employees soon will have their fifteenth opportunity to use the […]
  • Webinar: Managing Cost Increases for Manufacturers
    Highlights from the June 15 webinar hosted by Amy Reynallt, Senior Manager and Co-Director, HBK Manufacturing Solutions Manufacturer Challenges The surprise is not about the challenges themselves, including labor shortages, supply chain interruptions, and inflation, but how long they have persisted. Manufacturers are struggling to hire as well as maintain workers. We are seeing higher […]
  • The Superfund Chemicals Excise Tax
    The Superfund chemicals excise tax has been reinstated as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (the “Act”) effective July 1, 2022.1 Congress established the “Superfund” in 1980 to finance the cleanup of hazardous waste sites if the owner or operator cannot be identified or if the cleanup needs to be expedited. The Superfund […]
  • Is Manufacturing Growth Slowing?
    Over the past nearly 18 months, domestic manufacturing activity has been on the rise. Now, reports are beginning to surface indicating slower growth. Does this mean an economic recession is ahead? Many reports indicate that this change in pace is related to supply disruptions coming from China, where a new wave of COVID-19-related lockdowns is […]
  • Webinar: Tax Saving Strategies for Manufacturers
    Highlights from the May 18 webinar hosted by Amy Reynallt, Senior Manager and Co-Director of HBK Manufacturing Solutions; and featuring Source Advisors executives Al Schmitt, Director for the Midwest, Great Lakes Region; Brian Coddington, Director, Tax Accounting Methods & Credits; and Jordan Fazio, Director, R&D Tax Credit Consulting. Source Advisors is an HBK partner and […]
  • New Round of Ohio TechCred is Now Open
    Eligible Ohio employers looking for financial support to train or upskill employees will have another opportunity to use the Ohio TechCred program. From May 2 through May 31, 2022 at 3:00 PM, eligible employers may submit applications to obtain approval for future reimbursements through this program. Why TechCred? Ohio has approved funding that allows Ohio […]
  • How Rising Interest Rates Can Impact Manufacturers’ Revenue
    Over the past two years, manufacturers have experienced a variety of economic conditions, from the temporary suspension of operations to extreme demand increases that affected companies’ abilities to supply. Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have compounded problems for manufacturers, driving up costs and leading to inflation rates that have not been seen since the […]