Front-Line Leadership Training Series

Front-Line Leadership

Presented by Marc Simms CPBA, CPVA
Right Performance Management

Postponed until Q3 2023.  Stay tuned for new dates.

In today’s labor market, many manufacturers are promoting from within, including the promotion of production workers into supervisor and managerial roles.  Give them the training they need to succeed!

Level One:
Five Key Roles of the Supervisor On the front-line, being clear on where you should be focused varies but the accountability is still the same.  We’ll explore and define your specific key roles.
Foundations of Leadership – Leadership doesn’t come with a title, we’ll set the foundation for building a team that will follow you though the good times, and the tough times.

Level Two:
Developing Clear Channels of Communication
 Knowing, how, who, what and when is important for information to flow effectively.  We’ll identify the different channels and what works best for you.
Goal Setting & Priority Management We’ll expand upon the SMART Goal Method and learn how to manage ever changing priorities.

Level Three:
Understanding Communication Styles & Motivation Front-Line Leaders will take a DISC and Motivators assessment to better understand themselves and others.  They will learn how to recognize and be more adaptable for effective communication, recognize and how to communicate to the different motivation of others.

Level Four:
Managers as Coaches – Front-Line Leaders will learn the art of helping other get better utilizing different approaches to developing others and managing performance.
Effective Training Methods – Most people on the front-line are not taught how to really teach others.  We will provide methods for training others utilizing your unique communication style.

Level Five:
Managing & Resolving Conflict Effectively Conflict happens, managing & resolving it is both and art and a science.  We’ll review the different stages of conflict and how to resolve for positive outcomes.
Decision Making Made Simple Learn how to evaluate and calculate decision-making from easy to most difficult, for the most positive outcome.

Front-Line Leadership Certificate issued upon completion.

Five weekly, three hour sessions.

For more information contact Marc Simms via EMAIL.


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This leadership training series is open to personnel of manufacturing companies only.

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