Director’s Monthly Message

Though I’ve been Executive Director since June 2019, I’m happy to announce that I am able to dedicate my time to our regional manufacturing association (RMA).  My goals are many, but the primarily I want to give our manufacturing members resources to help them thrive.  We are working closely with our Partner Members to create a variety of educational webinars/seminars and training sessions.  Being a part of the FloridaMakes network offers our membership a vast amount of vetted resources in all areas of business, and many products and services.  Our Business Advisor, Dave Ferguson, offers free assessments and evaluations to help identify strengths and opportunities within your manufacturing organization.  And we work closely with our local educators such as MTC, STC, SCF, and UF Innovation Station.  They want to know what manufacturers need so they can provide the proper training and education, making their graduates ready to join the workforce.

We know that business networking, especially Plant Tours and Best Practice Discussions, are important to our membership, and are being planned.

Also know that SAMA board members are working hard behind the scenes, participating in many legislative meetings stressing the importance of the manufacturing industry within our local economy and introducing ideas such as the Buy Florida Act.  In addition, we work closely with our local EDC’s who are great advocates of manufacturing.

I’m truly excited to get SAMA more involved in the manufacturing community, and encourage all Suncoast manufacturers to join our cause.  We want to be your collective voice, and we need your participation.

If you’d like to talk further, please contact me.

Rob Harris