Business Continuity Seminar – Are you ready for a disaster?

Business Continuity & Resiliency

Entech, FloridaMakes and SAMA, Sarasota Manatee Manufacturers Association, will be hosting an event presenting business risks associated with disasters and what precautions businesses need to follow to avoid disruption.

The presentation will focus on business risks associated with disasters such as hurricanes, market issues, cyber security along with other potential threats. They will discuss best practices in the manufacturing sector and ideas to identify risks and create a business continuity plan to fortify the business to continue generating revenue in a crisis.

Join us for breakfast Thursday, January 30, at 9 AM!  In this informational workshop, learn about:

  • 90% of smaller companies fail within 1 year if they can’t resume operations within 5 days of a disaster
  • How to continue generating revenue in the event of a crisis
  • Growing and maintaining your customer base, and reducing operating costs – especially the unforeseen whoppers
  • Retaining good employees
  • Preventing and mitigating cybersecurity concerns
  • Resources available to manufacturers
  • Network and learn best practices from other manufacturers.

“Every week there is something in the news about some sort of major cyberhack. Yet, small companies are getting hit as well.  All organizations need to be aware of the severe risk that is out there and start thinking about what if it happens to us” said Jake Spanberger, President of Entech.


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