Cyber Crime Seminar

On June 13, 2019, SAMA, Four Winds Network Services, Bank of America, Suncoast Technical College, and Arruda Group sponsored an excellent seminar titled “Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats.

Stacy Arruda, ex-FBI agent, made a powerful presentation that ALL businesses are at risk, and a cyber crime will happen at some point.  Are you prepared?  Do you have a plan for when it does happen?

Stacy explained the different types of Cyber attacks:  Spearfishing, Ransomware, Credential Stuffing.  Do you have the necessary layers of defense, including Anti Virus, Firewalls, Strong Passwords?  How about Cyber insurance?  Who do you call when it does happen?

Four Winds gave valuable information during the question and answer session following Stacy’s presentation.  SAMA members can receive a free assessment by contacting them.

Best of all, over $400.00 was raised for STC’s Skills USA Competitors!

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