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Member Support is Critical to Mutual Success

The Sarasota Manatee Area Manufacturers Association is the voice of manufacturing. SAMA advocates on behalf of manufacturing at a local, state and national level.

We work to make Florida “manufacturing friendly”. In 2007 we saw five years of work in Tallahassee culiminate in the passage of tax relief for manufacturers. In 2008, we sponsored property tax relief legislation that would remove the tangible tax burden from new manufacturing equipment.

Locally, SAMA continues to take a lead role in dealing with manufacturing related topics. Industrial development, affordable workforce housing, preservation of industrial zoned land, workforce development, technical education, sustaining a business and regulatory climate conducive to manufacturing… all command our attention.

In addition to networking with fellow manufacturers, SAMA members are able to increase business, profits and productivity through specific programs such as the Lean Consortium and the Manufacturing Capabilities Index. We constantly bring our members valuable information to help them be more effective. Monthly dinner presentations by subject matter experts, panel discussions and seminars on tax exemptions, hiring practices and compensation are all available to our members.

SAMA’s partnerships and participation in workforce development and education initiatives are creating the qualified manufacturing employees of the future. Our “Made in Florida Industry Tours” make hundreds of students aware of potential careers by bringing them into high tech manufacturing operations. The BANNER Center for Manufacturing Education is designing curriculum for industry standard certifications that will elevate the skills of tomorrow’s workers. SAMA sponsors the Career Pathways program to place touch screen monitors in area schools to link students to real employment opportunities in our area.

Every manufacturing related endeavor in Sarasota and Manatee is affected by the work we do. Member support is critical to our success. Be part of the solution. Support the organization that has supported manufacturing since 1971.

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